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They've tried to park on the drive but no matter how hard they tried, they could not fit the car on.'It was funny watching them give it a go.' The neighbour added: 'It's just hysterical. It's not very well thought out at all.'They were building them for a few years and it was a complete farce.'The front drives were originally meant to be gardens so that's why the dropped kerbs and telegraph poles are still there.'They've made them exactly the same height but they should have made them go down the road.'Another said: 'To me this is ridiculous. 'It's going downhill so they should have staggered it, but they're all on the same level.

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John Wittlesea, 42, said: 'What brainbox signed this off?

My five-year-old could tell you these lights look more like pants on a washing line.'What is particularly unfortunate is that where the lights join the display together, some of the 'pants' actually look like they're crotch-less.'It's a pity taxpayers' money has gone on these lights.

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