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“There was one bar [in Paris] that we walked past on the street like three times with our phones out, walking halfway into people’s houses a couple of times, trying to find the right entrance – and then once you actually do it, it’s really rewarding,” she says.

But the Chinese-mid-century vibe of the back bar is direct from Cosy Restaurant & Tavern, the St.

The result is fun without being over-the-top kitschy; tropical, herbaceous and salty flavours abound.

The Peach Panther is a low-ABV sipper that pairs salted watermelon and soju with a dash of fino sherry; for the pineapple and lime-based Tropic Thunder, they infuse rum with coconut oil overnight for that fresh-off-the-beach taste without all the Malibu sugar.

Unfortunately this exact version is unavailable, but you can click (right) to shop the current collection at Farfetch.