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Under the proposed deal, Cook Paint and Varnish and Midland Broadcasting agreed to an arrangement in which the two licensees would share the channel 9 allocation as well as a transmitter facility; although each company would structure their common television property as two separate stations, individually maintaining operational stewardship of their respective stations and operating from different studio facilities within the .In June 1953, the (FCC) granted the proposal made by the Cook/Midland venture, and awarded the individual licenses for which the two companies had applied.

For the first step, the key factors to determine whether the cosmetic products are with high quality not only lie on the quality of cosmetic ingredients, but count on the cosmetic bottles as well.

Nowadays, airless packaging continues to show up in all areas of skin care, including natural and organic products, mass-market and prestige facial products, and even body care products.

However, the network refused to provide KDRO direct access to its programming feed in order to protect KMBC-TV, with which KDRO's signal overlapped in the western portions of the latter station's coverage area; this forced engineers at that station to have to switch to and from channel 9's broadcast signal whenever KDRO aired ABC network programming.

In December 1960, Cook Paint and Varnish sold the KMBC television and radio stations, KMOS-TV and KFRM to -based Metropolitan Broadcasting (later renamed ) for .65 million; (although its former radio sisters had changed their call letters decades earlier, KMBC-TV has retained the "-TV" suffix in its legal call sign to this day).

With the KMBC/WHB operation having been on the air for only eight months, one of the licensees had negotiated a deal that would result in it buying out its partner in channel 9 and dissolving the split-station arrangement.


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