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any of the following: Worldwide Relocations, Dolphin International Shipping, Globe Movers, Inc., and Sea & Air Cargo International.

9th as stated and the European agent there is in touch with the local relatives and the goods are to be actually delivered tomorrow, Dec 16th. I used Rainier and sent them an email and fax about the problem, asking about how to file a claim for the value of the pieces. I had a partial container shipment twenty some boxes.

Had I not gotten involved with World Wide's antics my goods would have arrived in Europe no later than Sept 30th (they were picked up August 12th) and for considerably less. The quote has been fairly accurate, the estimate on duration close enough and the company was responsive to inquiries.

Doug said "It is common to have local terminal fees at destn terminal [usually around $40.00/CBM]...these must be paid by you in local currency, so we can never include them in our rates.". If Rainer had it would have had to wire transffer the small amount of funds to the agent and the client would have incurred the cost of the wire transfer.

- you probably want to get some extra insurance for your valuables and that's extra. If the shipment was Door to Door then they would be included. So Rainer saved the client moeny by asking them to pay directly to agent at destination when the client picked up his shipment. t=5743We have a negative post on a completed move that was added to the end of this thread by a previously unknown poster.

Note that there are probably many other good companies that don't happen to have had anybody post about them on the message board.