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The Ethicist, one Randy Cohen, told her that she was entitled to work with someone "who will treat you with the dignity and respect he shows his male clients." He deemed it irrelevant that the agent was acting in accord with his deepest religious beliefs: "Sexism is sexism, even when motivated by religious convictions." Cohen agreed that the action was "offensive" -- nothing less than an attempt to "render a class of people untouchable" ― and calling it religious "doesn't make it right." For good measure, he cited the US Supreme Court's ruling in Brown vs.

Board of Education that separate educational facilities for black and white students are inherently unequal.

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True, shaking hands is a pretty innocuous form of contact, and for that reason some Orthodox religious authorities permit it in the business context.

But the same claim of innocuousness is made for kissing and hugging in many circles.

“ And I realized it was an ideal environment for singles to meet each other.” She interviews singles and promises those selected for the dinner a potential partner, a night of unlimited alcohol and a meal, at her apartment or one of the guests’ who chooses to host, all for just $36—a division of 18, or chai in Hebrew, a lucky number in Judasim—The idea became a business when Davis applied and received a fellowship through Presen Tense, a social entrepreneurial program with a focus on the Jewish community.

Davis got access to mentors, donors and business classes to put her vision in place.

This is “Shabatness,” an invite-only service that sets up young Jewish professionals over Shabbat dinners.


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