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A lack of competition has allowed the broadcast service to retain high prices for their TV packages over the years.

DSTV’s biggest draw will undeniably be its multiple sports channels, which broadcast live sports matches to its many subscribers.

Additionally, DSTV owns full rights to the popular Super Sport channels, and its content cannot be broadcast elsewhere.

“They should always place valuables in the boot of the car and not leave items such as cellphones and wallets in open sight, unattended or on the seat of a car.”He said holidaymakers should be just as cautious using ATMs and should think twice about shopping in an unfamiliar environment, and avoid carrying large amounts of cash or displaying flashy jewellery, watches or cellphones.

“They should not leave valuables in shopping trolleys and always accompany children to public toilets,” he said.“Employing these practical tips and remaining vigilant at all times will help ensure your holiday plans go smoothly without incident,” said Hunt.

With the current Fibre-to-the-Home campaign well underway, South Africa is well on its own way to becoming the ideal market for Netflix, which is most effective through a fast internet connection.