Ms word calendar control not updating

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Net or communicate using COM and expose the features that you want, or use one of the custom VBA solutions that can be found on Ron de Bruin's Calendar/Date Picker page.

I've used this one - Calendar Control for All Office versions - including Office 2010 64 bit but this one looks better IMO - A Pop-up Calendar for Excel 2007 and up Even if you can get it running on your machine, if you work at a large company, like myself, you'll never get IT to deploy the fix to everyone.

This ensures that any date entered is valid and it is a lot easier for the user.

If you do not have this Control, go here and scroll down to "Office Calendar Control Not Working" ALSO SEE: Calendar for Excel || Excel Date and Times || Convert Excel Date Formats Some of our more popular products are below...

inserting dates (or date and time) into merged cells, columns, rows or custom ranges in one click.