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It is bordered by the states of Sinaloa to the northwest, Durango to the north, Zacatecas to the northeast and Jalisco to the south.

To the west, Nayarit has a significant share of coastline on the Pacific Ocean, including the islands of Marías and Marietas.

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Hernándo was the first known European to enter into the area now known as Nayarit, which claimed for Spain as part of the colony of Nueva Galicia.

As the Spaniards invaded the area, led by Nuño de Guzman, their brutality caused the indigenous inhabitants to revolt, in what was later referred to as the Mixtón War.

About 5% of the population of the state population speak an indigenous language.

Nayarit is predominantly an agricultural state, and produces a large variety of crops such as beans, sorghum, sugar cane, corn, tobacco, rice, chiles, peanuts, melons, tomatoes, coffee, mangoes, bananas, and avocados.

After almost two centuries of resistance, the last independent Cora communities were incorporated into the colonial administration by force in 1722.