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In his first marriage, Orlando wed Antonia, the daughter of Count Giovanni Castiglione of Milan, probably a distant relation of the author of The Courtier.

Although the marriage ended shortiy afteru^ard, with Antonia's early death, and Gasparo was a son from Orlando's second marriage (to Laura Landi), it is important to realize, because of the first marriage, that Gasparo was still, in a wa\^ a kind of distant cousin or uncle of Baldassar Castiglione.-*-^ Perhaps this helps to explain why, in the eulo- gy of Gasparo in Book Four, Castiglione calls Gasparo 's death a loss "to our house" ^ that contributed to the growth of the local economy.48 Population figures for Cortemaggiore confirm a story of dra- matic growth: in 1457, there were only 29 men between the ages of fifteen and sixty^^; nearly a century later, in 1545, a census recorded 585 men and 583 women (of all ages), for a total population of 1,168 distributed among 212 hearths.

Pienza (under Pius II), Mirandola (under the Pico), Carpi (under the Pio) and Sabbioneta (under Vespasiano Gonzaga) were other small towns that, like Urbino itself, were completely rebuilt or largely transformed at the hand of Renaissance princes.

Particularly interesting in each of these cases is the relation of the urban- istic project to the political ambition (not always the same) of the prince by whose will it happened.

In 1479, a quarrel between the two brothers Pallavicino Pallavicino and Gian Lodovico I Pallavicino, who was Gasparo 's grandfather, resulted in a further division of the Pallavicino State, with Gian Lodovico I taking separate possession of the northern part of the Pallavicino territory.^^ — 10 — Gasparo and thi.


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