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Exploring his specialized career, when he was 12 years old he got sponsorship from the company which gave sponsorship to Neil Blender. After couple of years Neil and Rob left the company to start their own company Alien Workshop.

Boykin was skateboarder and entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek’s best friend and bodyguard, starring alongside him in “Rob & Big” for three seasons.

He would go on to appear in several episodes of Dyrdek’s follow-up to “Rob & Big,” “Fantasy Factory,” as well as three episodes of Dyrdek’s other MTV show, “Ridiculousness.” “MTV is deeply saddened to learn the news of Christopher ‘Big Black’ Boykin’s passing,” MTV said in a statement.

He is the owner of Wild Grinders which is a cartoon on Nickelodeon Network, Street League Skateboarding, The Rob Dyrdek Foundation and Megahorse Racing.

In addition to this he has partnered with brands like Bill My parents, ISX(TM) and DTA Rogue Status.

But Rob -- who also hosts an extremely similar clip show on MTV called "Ridiculousness" -- isn't laughing ... but now that beef is very real."Dyrdek said he wanted to settle things "the old-fashioned way" -- and sources close to MTV reality star insist he isn't joking ... He just tweeted back to Rob, "fair enough but if you have to beat me up, can we film it and put it on my show so people will actually watch it?