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This is the world portrayed in Spike Lee's movie about phone sex, Girl 6.

At that time independent phone sex was more dangerous, as Lee's movie portrays.

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The sexually explicit conversation takes place between two or more persons via telephone, especially when at least one of the participants masturbates or engages in sexual fantasy.

Phone sex conversation may take many forms, including: guided fantasy, sexual sounds, narrated and enacted suggestions; sexual anecdotes and confessions; candid expression of sexual fantasies, feelings, or love, and/or discussion of very personal and sensitive sexual topics.

Leonard recorded her own voice informing callers of the contents of the next issue of High Society magazine before its publication.

Later she recorded others such as Annie Sprinkle "talking sexy".

Once means of transmitting payment were developed, phone sex turned into primarily a commercial activity, with customers (overwhelmingly male) and sellers (overwhelmingly female).


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