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Style yours with black skinny jeans and a silk camisole for an alternative approach to day dressing, or make like FKA Twigs and opt for an all-round nineties look.

‘The main thing for Tahliah is that the relationship remains low-key.

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While the murder victims aren’t terribly sympathetic, their murderers aren’t especially likable either — so by the time they cross paths with a Limbaugh-esque conservative pundit (played by Ron Perlman), loyalties to either ideological extreme have been tested. Nothing groundbreaking, obviously, but gave Diaz a chance to show off her gift for goofy comedy after a few darker films — and its $299 million gross didn’t hurt her bankability, either.

“In today’s divisive political climate, where compromise is a dirty word,” observed Leslie Rigoulot of Film Scouts, “ was one of the most popular television series of the 1970s, thanks in no small part to its genius lowbrow blend of runway-ready jiggle and consequence-free violence — so when Drew Barrymore set about producing a big-screen adaptation of the show, she wisely included heaping helpings of both ingredients, enlisting Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz to join her for 98 minutes of skin-tight blockbuster action. Unusually for a romantic comedy, it was also praised by many critics, among them the Globe and Mail’s Rick Groen, who wrote, “Every once in a long while, along comes a refreshing change like My Best Friend’s Wedding, a movie whose appeal rests largely on its knack for defying our expectations by riffing off, even undermining, a familiar genre.” follows the tale of two sisters: Dowdy lawyer Rose (Collette) and flighty, unemployed Maggie (Diaz).

What was Cartoons and fairy tales have gone together for decades, leaving Dream Works with plenty of rich tradition to spoof with their inaugural adaptation of William Steig’s popular book about the misadventures of a hideous ogre (voiced by Mike Myers).

In fact, the studio added a few elements not present in the book, such as ‘s ceaseless, quick-fire pop culture references, a number of satirical, fairy tale-derived characters, and a Smash Mouth song on the soundtrack.

is more than just the latest cool, smart, funny movie,” wrote Jay Carr for the Boston Globe.


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    Prosjektet har vunnet en europeisk pris – Natura 2000 Award. På mindre enn fire år har den samlede biomassen på havbunnen blitt seksdoblet, og bestanden av fiskearter som torsk, lysing og sei er tredoblet», heter det i begrunnelsen.