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and will try our hand at offline sales to resellers," Sloan told us.

He was kind enough to answer our questions about what it's like to steer the ship of an adult novelty company.

No matter what your shipping needs, Walmart's got you covered.

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It also makes them, I imagine, the biggest sex-toy store in the world.

Here is a mini-phenomenon, happening right before our eyes. And what's more, Amazon has added this array of delicious adult goods quietly, effortlessly, with zero fanfare and zero marketing and zero apparent intolerant outcry (so far as I know) from the right-wing Christian sex tormenters, and with absolutely no children anywhere in the nation spontaneously combusting or being struck by lightning and/or converting to wanton paganism (yet) by viewing any of these items (which they easily can) -- Have you seen? This makes them, interestingly, the great bringer of sex-toy awareness, the unwitting spreader of lubricious good news, the well-oiled and highly pleasurable anti-Wal-Mart.

Amazon's sex-toy department is simply a huge portion of the site's Health and Personal Care area. And while I would normally recommend against buying such fabulous goods from Amazon and instead urge you to purchase from the indie shops that started it all, places such as Good Vibrations and Blowfish, all of which carry many better-quality toys than some of Amazon's brands and have been fearlessly illuminating the path to sexual satisfaction for years and decades, often against a staggeringly high wall of sexual ignorance from the government and the Christian right, it appears that Amazon has partnered with at least one of these fabulous stores (Seattle's Babeland), so you really can't go too wrong.

This is America's favorite online bookstore, all grown up and happily kinky and winking in your general direction.

There is no age-verification system and no insulting adult warning and no purchase restrictions. There is no more fear and uptight sexual dread and nonsensical, ignorant cries of who, pray who, will save the children.


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