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The person putting the information together actually said – and I’m quoting here – “I had trouble finding a number for the average female waist-to-hip ratio. On the other hand, the waist-to-chest ratio does play a small role in women’s perceptions of attractiveness.

The number .7 came up a lot as ‘ideal’.” So powerful was this effect that around 90 out of the top 100 most desirable women in the adult industry were within striking distance of it. This is a screenshot of the relevant passage, where the person who put it all together noticed the 0.7 ratio number appearing over and over, with nearly all “attractive” women within striking distance of the magic figure. The theory is a man’s waist-to-chest ratio correlates with increased levels of testosterone, body strength, and health so it was a signal, taken into consideration with other things like social rank, wealth, and facial symmetry, that he could provide for children in a far less secure world. The doctors go on to examine the findings of a study (see: Swami and Tovée 2008) and talk about how gay men seem to respond more positively to a lower waist-to-chest ratio in other men, indicating a more muscular upper body with a smaller, more athletic waist.

In fact, being obese has already become a stark line of demarcation when it comes to social class.

Percentage wise, the odds of being overweight if you have a college degree and make six-figures per year are much lower than if you are in poverty.

The social construct cannot compete with something so fundamentally intertwined with human nature.) You have an out if you hit the genetic lottery: Rapaille found that the minority of overweight women who had a disposition to store fat in the 0.7 ratio were still deemed attractive. To provide some perspective on how important this 0.7 preference is, men consistently rate some derivation of “being tricked into going out on date by an obese person” as their greatest fear when it comes to trying to find love through online dating apps or websites. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States [PDF], in a huge country with more than 300 million people, there were 13,756 murder victims, a mere 3,158 of whom were female.