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While the Free BSD Handbook is generally a terrific resource - always check it first - but it can either make assumptions about background knowlege or it keeps things as simple as possible to minimize errors. We check the security advisories, nod sagely when we read 'em, and using the new automated tools (portsnap and freebsd-update) we keep our systems updated.

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Some level of risk is involved, offset against being udated for the lastest security fixes, and significantly lower risk than using -CURRENT.

Resides in the /stable branch under the major version number, for example, will provide the latest major version 8 sources (see here).

Note on the move from CVS to subversion: The notes on manual methods have been updated to reflect the Free BSD change from CVS to subversion that from March 2013 covers both source upgrades and the ports system. We do nothing exciting, nothing even remotely interesting and if it smacks of risk, we lie down in a dark room for a couple of hours, then check that we have access to emergency medical assistance, before doing anything. Free BSD finally stops maintaining our release and we gotta do something. Hell can freeze over before we break that last rule.

This survival guide was written because we suspect we are not alone and besides, the down-side of the 'slothful' maintenance theory is we are not constantly doing stuff and so forget....a lot....frequently.

Download the source files required: # the first time this process is performed use svn co svn://repository/base/release/x.x.x /usr/src # NON_STD_PATH_ONLY svn co svn://repository/base/release/x.x.x /var/src # where repository is the required host or mirror site # the default is svn.# but a list of current mirrors is available from this list # x.x.x is the version in this case it will be 9.1.0 # there is a handy web interface to the subversion system # to subsequently keep the source up to date for the selected version just use svn update /usr/src # NON_STD_PATH_ONLY svn update /var/src # if the run was terminated abnormally then use svn cleanup /usr/src Pure development branch - for hairy chested developers, or if you are really in need of some new feature and are prepared to take some risks.


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