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Mostly I wear it during the day and it´s really long lasting. And this is coming from someone who is an undersprayer and loves light, fresh perfumes! I think of it as the little sister to Miss Dior edp because the peony makes it fresher, younger and almost fruity whereas the patchouli in the edp makes it more grown up and elegant.

It is true when they say that this one doesn't last, and it's not that it has poor performance it just sits closer to the skin and if you wear a lot of heavy perfumes you not going to be as in tuned to it as say someone who doesn't wear perfume all of the time. It lasted me for a day on my first few uses, but after some time, it will only last for 3 hours max, which is totally fine.

I can imagine a very lady like young woman wearing this. I have wanted this perfume for a few weeks before finally buying 1.7 oz. I also like the fact that it is so soft and not loud all throughout. Then it dries down beautifully to the skin and becomes like a skin scent. Very feminine and reminds me of how Aurora in the Sleeping Beauty would smell like because of her beauty, femininity and innocence. The reason I think people don't think this lasts is because it turns into a skin scent after a few hours and a lot of people expect this fragrance to scream out intense projection as fragrances of today do, especially for it's price point.

Made for Spring, it is deliciously floral; like walking through an English rose garden. However, do not be mislead because this perfume is a classic that will always stand out.

Innocence, happiness, peachy-ness, angel whispers, etc. I'm not religious or anything but this also reminds me of angels playing in a garden with flower crowns and laughter.


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