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Beggar my neighbour online dating

'These things cost hundreds of thousands of pounds but, if you live around here, it is normal.'Mother-of-two Isabella is a pretty good authority on what is 'normal' in this super-rich London bubble.

For three years, she wrote the anonymous Notting Hill Yummy Mummy blog, a waspish diary of the privileged, decadent and often ridiculous world in which she lives.

The day that she took her daughter to a three-year-old's birthday party in the ballroom of London's five-star Dorchester Hotel is etched in Isabella Davidson's mind.

The invitation was a Roald Dahl-inspired golden ticket, written on gold leaf and wrapped inside a chocolate bar, Oompa Loompa statues holding giant lollipops greeted them at the door, and a bouncy castle with a slide and ball pit, surrounded by fairground rides, ice cream vans, candyfloss machines and popcorn makers, filled the ballroom.

The two brothers who are the current owners did not manage to stop its slide into neglect.